THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! - World Swimsuit Music Video | Our World Swimsuit models do a rendition of "This is how we do it" by Montell Jordan whilst in Borneo, Malaysia.

Shot on location at Gaya Island Resort, Borneo, Malaysia

Models: Xenia Deli (Elite Models, Boss Models), Jessica Lee Buchanan (ICE), Jessica Strother (IMG, NY), Tana Boshoff (Full Circle), Genevieve Morton (Fusion), Mia Kang (Trump Models), Kara Del Toro (Elite), Bianca Koyabe (ICE), Tanya Mityushina (Elite) & Zippora Seven (IMG, Australia)

Videographer: Paul Michael Charles

Editor: Richard 'Flare' Hughes

Hair & Make Up: Merle Titus & Charmaine de Kock

Styling: Cally Palmer

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