Canal Walk "My Story My Style" Cinema Version An extended look at the full behind-the-scenes process of Canal Walk's 2017 My Story My Style campaign featuring some of South Africa's most creative and influential individuals from all walks of life, Jimmy Nevis, Chad Saaiman, Chris Bertish, Aqeelah Harron Alley, Tony Gum, Candice Boucher, Jade Hubner,

The Second Day A short film we edited for one of Cape Town's local churches Joshua Generation for their Love Bombs Project.

Lewis Pugh Mount Everest Expedition

Birds In The Bush Pilot Episode The pilot of the series follows three urban women who take on the Botswana and Kgalagadi wilderness, wildlife, driving and camping responsibilities on an expedition across some of the wildest terrain usually only traversed by hardened travelers.

The challenge: For three women to make it through the untamed wilderness to prove that "chicks can do it", to stump the patriarchal idiom of the domination of men in the wilderness, that only men can 4x4, that women can't set up camp, to showcase the planning, excitement, entertainment, humour and challenges they will face through seemingly insurmountable circumstances.